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What to do next?

Provided that there has been a 'Certificate of Adequacy' issued against the property, or the movement happened a long time ago, R K Shipman will find you cover that suits your needs without you being penalised. All you need to do is call our office on 0844 846 829 and a friendly experienced member of staff will help you find the best policy for your needs.

With over 80 years' experience in insurance, R K Shipman is a name you can trust.  We are not only members of the British Insurance Broker Association, but we are also Trading Standards Approved so you can 'Buy with Confidence' when you purchase a policy with us.

If your home has been affected by subsidence; or your property is in an area that is prone to this type of risk, you'll be aware of how difficult it can be to obtain comprehensive home insurance.

At some stage, every house would have or will move slightly; this is usually down to the house settling on to its foundations or a small movement in the ground.  However, other factors, such as a Collapsed Drain, or Tree Roots may cause your property to move more and this can have a devastating effect, including the property being underpinned.  This can make it very difficult for you to change Insurance companies and keep your premiums low!


A lot of insurance companies will shy away from properties that have suffered from subsidence, landslip or ground heave, especially if the property has been 'underpinned'. There can be a number of reasons for this but it is probably because they are afraid another claim could be made.

What can you do?

At R K Shipman, we work with companies that can offer insurance on properties that have suffered movement.  The reason behind this is simple, if your property has suffered movement and you needed to make a claim in the past, it would normally mean that an engineer has visited the property, rectified the problem and made it completely safe. Therefore, the likelihood of the property moving again is a lot less than a property that hasn't suffered from subsidence.

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