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Tel: 0844 846 8298

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With over 80 years experience as an independent Insurance Broker, you can be sure that R K Shipman will provide you with a 'service second to none', and as we are also Trading Standards Approved, you can 'Buy With Confidence' when purchasing a policy through us.

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BISF house is a British Steel Framed house that was produced by the British Iron and Steel Federation and have been erected around the country since 1946.  The main purpose of these houses were to replace homes that had been destroyed through World War II and they come in many shapes and sizes.

Common myths are that these properties were only tempoary and so the structure would weaken over time.  Because of this myth, it can be difficult to get insurance on these types of properties. However, a government study has shown that these properties were built as permanent homes and have a life expectancy of a standard brick property.  It is true that some properties are 'tired' and may need to be 'spruced' up, but again, you can say the same for a property of standard construction.

Here at R K Shipman, we work alongside insurers that understand the construction of these properties and that they are not just about to full down. We will not ask you for a full structrual survey or any other reports to show that the property is safe. Instead, we will offer you a competitve  insurance policy without restrictions just because your home is a BISF home.  All you need to do is call the office on 01392 260 368 and one of our friendly advisers will be able to tailor a policy to suit your needs.

A typical policy includes:

  • Buildings insurance up to £500,000
  • Contents insurance up to £50,000
  • Personal Possessions Cover
  • Accidental Damage Cover
  • Legal Expenses up to £50,000
  • Home Emergency cover up to £500 per call out

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